SV World

Asia is the world’s largest gaming market – There is no doubt that Asia’s 4.2 billion huge population base to dictates this. Since the government adopt an open market policy in 2002, Macau immediately became the leader of Asia’s gaming industry. SV International is among the pioneers of this new wave, setting up our first business base in Cambodia – the SV World. Cambodia has a geographical advantage because of its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia’s mainland. SV World strategically combine gaming and tourism packages while aligning to the Cambodia government’s tourism policy to build an exciting gaming tourism business at the West Port. More importantly, West Port is the special economic zone jointly developed by Cambodia and China. With the encouragement from the China government and economic effects from the Chinese Foreign Economic Strategy, the West Port is viewed as the “Mini Macau of Southeast Asia” nowadays. Needless to say, SV World is one of the main driving force behind.